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FREE - Infrastructure Audit and Review

Martin Jackson Ltd takes a rigorous - yet commercial - approach to infrastructure audits, analysing strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for future improvements.

Our experience of managing literally hundreds of differently configured IT environments means that we are well placed to understand how best to configure infrastructure for an individual client seeking our advice. Our consultants and senior engineers are well qualified to benchmark your IT environment against industry best practice and emerging technology opportunities.

The core aim of a FREE* Martin Jackson Ltd infrastructure audit is to deliver back a report and set of recommendations outlining the current position, identifying shortfalls and risks, and suggesting future improvements.

As business pragmatists, we recognise that useful recommendations must also consider cost (and return on investment) in addition to technical specification and performance.

Contact Martin Jackson Ltd to find out more information.

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*The Free Infrastructure Audit and Review, is only available to organisations with at least one fileserver and five client PCs

Your Security

Ensuring that your computer systems are secure, does not need to be a complicated nor difficult process. Once it is done, you will have peace of mind knowing that your business is protected against Internet based attacks like viruses and hackers.

If you think you might be the victim of a virus or hacker attack, please use the utilities below to scan the computer you are currently using. The information contained on this web page is designed to help you secure your computer systems.
However, if you have any concerns or issues, then please feel free to call us now on 0845 644 4871 or email our Technical Support Desk for friendly professional advice on any IT Security issues.

Anti-Virus and Internet Security Tools :

The latest Anti-Virus News

Free online and up to date Anti-virus Scanner

The use of Anti-Virus software is essential for any business using computers, especially those connected to the Internet.

Viruses are the most common Internet threat and as a result most businesses today will have some sort of Anti-Virus software installed on their computers.

What most people don't realise is that Anti-Virus software becomes virtually redundant as soon as it stops updating!

Unless your Anti-Virus software has been recently updated, it won't know about about the new viruses currently circulating on the Internet, and therefore will not be able to protect you against them. We recommend your Anti-Virus software is set to update on at least a weekly basis, preferably daily! Please use the following link to check if your Anti-Virus program is fully up to date and is protecting your data!:



How likely is it that I will get attacked by a hacker? You may think that the answer to the question is very slim, but the threat to small to medium businesses using the Internet is growing every day.

While it is unlikely, that a small or medium sized business would be specifically targeted, hackers on a regular basis scan entire networks looking for vulnerable computers. Due to the increased use of a type of virus called a Backdoor Trojan, the danger of attack even more likely. A Backdoor Trojan opens a backdoor into your system allowing anyone to covertly access your computer and have full control of your information. Many of these Trojans will even report back to the hackers where the infected computer is, allowing them to access your files without having to scan for vulnerable computers on the network.

The most effective way to prevent against these risks is to install a Firewall, preferably a hardware device.  A Firewall basically acts as a barrier between your network and the Internet. It doesn't allow any data to pass through in either direction without your permission.

Firewalls are essential protection for any computers connecting directly to the Internet. We can provide you with a wide range of firewalls from full network protection, to personal software firewalls that can protect laptop users that access the Internet from home.

In the meantime please try out shields up! to check if you are vulnerable to a hacker attack.

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