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A Few Interesting Points to Consider

We have the buying power to save your business money

Small Businesses do not have the installed user base required to obtain significant bulk buy discounts. We buy based on our entire supported user base. This enables us to purchase software and hardware at much lower costs than any single small business can achieve.

Outsourcing your IT is cheaper than doing it yourself

A Small Business is simply not big or rich enough to have a professional team dedicated solely to looking after their businesses IT services, everything has to be a compromise.

To attract and keep quality IT staff you need to pay them the proper market salary and also keep them technically challenged. The costs of our experts are shared among many customers and the technical challenge is always there because of the wide range of services that we support for our customers.

We are not tied to any Hardware or Software supplier

We are a completely independent company free to purchase our hardware and software from anyone we choose. We monitor the major suppliers so that we can asses the total cost of ownership of a system based in it's capital cost and the revenue costs associated with maintaining that equipment during it's life in service. Only after this process has taken place do we make recommendations to our customers on how they should be spending their money.

Our technical staff are experienced full time IT professionals

Our technical team is made up of Professional IT Engineers as well as experts in IT Strategy, IT Security and Application Development. Our team has combined experience in delivering & managing critical business applications and services for the Utility, Banking & Telecommunication industries as well as experience providing these services to small businesses. Now they are ready to work for you.

You get on with your business while we look after your IT

With us supporting your IT services you are free to concentrate all of your resources on your core business. All IT issues are dealt with on your behalf by Martin Jackson Ltd, we watch the markets, upgrade your software with the required maintenance releases and monitor your systems to ensure that you can take your IT services for granted. We ensure that the IT services you need are available when you want to use them. Our customers are free to concentrate fully on their own business.

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